Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

An overlooked aspect of Microsoft Excel that provides a cutting edge and can supercharge spreadsheets is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

VBA is very simply a programming language that allows incredibly powerful functionality to be added to applications. And because it sits behind all of the Microsoft Office products, from Access to Outlook and PowerPoint, it means that the demarcation lines between the applications come down and seamless integration is possible.

Complete control with VBA

As Excel developers we take this a stage further by writing the VBA from scratch providing complete control of every last aspect of a spreadsheet.

VBA is principally used when functionality is required which cannot be easily created on the spreadsheet itself. For example if complex calculations are required, especially if using data from elsewhere, or when a spreadsheet needs to react dynamically to user input.

The same principle applies to all Microsoft Office products. Advanced Access applications can also use VBA modules and VBA can be used to create functionality within Outlook. So for example messages can be displayed when a user sends an email to ensure that the content is correct, or Outlook can be linked to Excel, and data from a spreadsheet included in an email.

The possibilities are endless – Redwing Excel are the experts who can guide you through the best approach and solution for your needs.

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