Spreadsheet MOT

Do you trust your spreadsheets?

As you will see from the incidents in the Did You Know panel, errors in spreadsheets can be catastrophic.

A recent extensive study by the University of Hawaii found that 85% of worldwide businesses use spreadsheets for critical aspects of managing their business but over 90% of of those spreadsheets contained errors.  And interestingly when told that there was a problem, only 50% of the errors could be identified by the employee who created the spreadsheet in the first place.  Definitely food for thought.

As professional Excel developers we pride ourselves in being able to find all errors or logic problems in any spreadsheet regardless of  size.  We achieve this by not only using our skills and experience but also because we can act as a fresh pair of eyes – it’s is often surprising how quickly we can spot something that has been missed by users within the business due to a combination of  familiarity and lack of time.

So if you have spreadsheets, particularly if they are business critical, contact us now and let us  give them a full MOT.  You might be surprised (and very relieved) at what we find.