Redwing Excel in a Nutshell

Redwing Excel in a Nutshell

So what do we do at Redwing Excel?

That’s simple.  We provide cutting edge business solutions using spreadsheets and specifically Microsoft Excel.  We do all the traditional things that you would imagine that Excel does.  But we do a lot of other things with Excel that may surprise you.

And how do we do this?

Well broadly our customers can be divided into two groups.

In the first group are businesses who already use Excel and who in most cases have built their own spreadsheets.  We get involved when, in one way or another, they need help.  This could be anything from fixing  a formula to taking over development completely.  We find that many businesses know where they want to go with their spreadsheets but don’t have the skills or time to get there.

The second group of businesses we work with are those who have a challenge within their business but don’t know how to solve it.  They may not have considered Excel as a possible solution and are usually more than a little surprised when we show then how Excel can give them everything they want.

For example they may have a very time consuming manual process that Excel can be used to automate and transform what originally took hours into minutes or less.  Or maybe Excel could be used to link various unconnected data sources and make processes possible that previously were impossible.  Or most powerful of all, Excel can be used to create systems to manage entire business processes.

It is easy to button hole Excel as purely a number cruncher.  And yes it does this brilliantly but it also does an awful lot more as well.  It is a complete system for creating lean, efficient and extremely cost effective software solutions that can do almost anything.

So that’s what we do and how we do it but why should you use us?

Well the obvious answer is that we know an awful lot about spreadsheets  and of course this is true but that’s not the reason that should choose us.  What we also know, through years of experience, is how to apply the knowledge we have to creating solutions that really work for your business.  Everything we do is business lead rather than technically lead.  And that is what makes a real difference and why our customers really love us.

If you would like to find out more get in touch today.  I am sure we would be able to help you in one way or another.