Microsoft Access

As well as Microsoft Excel we also specialise in Microsoft Access which can link seamlessly with Excel. Access comes into its own when an application needs to be used in multi user environments, when very large amounts of data are involved or when complex forms or reporting systems are needed and with our experience in both we can ensure the right tool is used to suit your requirements.

Access provides some significant advantages:

  • Its components can be used in any project and integrated with almost any other software
  • And the fact that it fits so perfectly with Excel is a very significant factor when a project requires an Access/Excel approach
  • It can be integrated with Excel by using Excel data with an Access front end or using Access data connected to Excel sheets
  • Access’s reporting module is also particularly strong and it is often used to connect to Excel data where presentation is key
  • Access can act as a front end to almost any other data source including SQL Server

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Access particularly lends itself to Customer Relationship Management systems and for many businesses a custom system can turns out to be a lot more efficient than buying an off the shelf solutions.

Stock Management and Inventory systems

Other Access applications we have developed included Stock Management and Inventory Systems – we can adapt these to suit your exact requirements.

Wage and Human Resourcing Applications

We have developed a variety of wage and Human Resourcing Applications – let us know your requirements.

Membership and Billing solutions

We have a number of membership and billing solutions which we can adapt to suit your requirements ranging from clubs to subscription-based services.

Customer Applications

We have worked on custom applications ranging from oil drum volume calculators to systems that analyse personal relationships. Please contact us with your requirements.

The right tool for the job

The decision as to whether to build in Excel and Access comes down to scope, complexity, data size and sometimes customer preference.

Access Consultancy

We offer Access Consultancy. Often businesses who are building their own Access solutions ask for our advice and expertise which of course we are more than happy to give.

Get in touch today – we would be happy to discuss your Microsoft Access requirements.