Integrating Excel

Integrating Excel with other Applications

As well as building powerful standalone solutions Excel is also very adept at seamlessly integrating with many other software applications and data sources.  Examples include

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Office applications including Word and Outlook
  • Accountancy packages such as Sage
  • Sharepoint
  • Databases such as SQL Server
  • Document such as PDFs
  • Websites

The list is almost endless and includes some items that often come as a surprise even to seasoned Excel users.  For example, Excel can make a background connection to a website (e.g. the site isn’t displayed) and extract data.  This can be very useful where a website contains large amounts of information that could be extracted manually but by using the Excel route the time savings can be spectacular.

So if you have a requirement for Excel integration please get in touch today – you may be amazed at what is possible.