Enhancing and Fixing existing spreadsheets

One of the great strengths of Excel is that it is instantly accessible.  An efficient spreadsheet can be created without specialist knowledge and skills can be developed ‘on the fly’ using the software equivalent of DIY. However this strength can also become a weakness as a level will almost inevitable be reached when the DIY approach is no longer practical.

Many customers come to us saying one or more of the following statements:

  1. ‘We don’t have the in house skills to develop this further’.
  2. ‘We might be able to do this but don’t have the time’.
  3. ‘It works but is everything it is telling us correct?’
  4. ‘We know this could do more but we are not sure what’.

And even when the spreadsheet meets the requirement the question that businesses often ask is ‘but how long did it take to get there?’

We are very used to these situations and many of our long term customers are businesses who have handed over their spreadsheet for us to fix, enhance and take to a professional level of business efficiency.

So if any of these scenarios sound like your business please get in touch today.  I am sure we will be able to help.