Eliminating the M Factor

Many businesses we work with come to us because they have realised that they have been wasting hundreds of person hours a year on manual processes that could be completed infinitely quicker by an automated system.  We use Excel to create such systems and the results can be spectacular.

To give one example, we developed a spreadsheet system for one company where two people had been spending the equivalent of 2 days a month manually formatting and moving data from one location to another.  Our solution achieved the same result in less than a minute.  It can be as dramatic as that.

Eliminating manual processes from a business can be achieved with the right planning and the right tools.  Sometimes existing systems do a good part of the job but don’t quite join up leaving the gaps to be bridged by manual intervention which inevitably needs time and is very prone to error.  Excel is a very efficient and cost effective way of bridging those gaps.

So if you think that you have too much M Factor in your business, we would love to talk to you.  Contact us and let us make a real difference.