Excel-based Applications

Building applications to run your business.

Everyone knows what Excel can do. It ‘crunches numbers’ and it ‘does accounts’. Of course that is true, but the great strength of Excel is that it can do so much more.

We have recently built a system for an industrial components business which manages their entire work process from an enquiry coming in the door, through to manufacture and distribution. And the system is being developed entirely in Excel.

The company had looked at purpose-built systems but found that they were either far too expensive, or didn’t really do what they wanted or came with mountains of features they didn’t need.

They are exceptionally pleased with the system we have built both for what it does, and what it cost.

The unsuspected solution

Excel is not necessarily the first software that most people would think of for a process management such systems but for managing business processes of any type it can deliver the goods at a remarkably keen price, producing a solution that is lean, efficient and easy to use.

And it doesn’t even need to ‘look’ like Excel – the interface can be tailored to your business.

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