Making sense of data

Many businesses we encounter can be described as data rich but analysis poor.  They may have complex computer systems which are very efficient at processing data but not so good at analysing it.

Such situations are made for Excel which can seamlessly connect to virtually any data source from enterprise databases such as SQL Server, mySQL or Oracle, to applications such as Sage or to almost any other data source you could think of.  Alternatively data can be exported from such systems and analysed off line either by connecting to the offline source or importing directly into Excel.

Once Excel has access to the data it can then be analysed to any level using one or more of the tools that come with Excel including Charting, Pivot Tables, What-If Scenario’s, Goal Seek Analysis plus any one of the hundreds of built in functions.  And if required the results can be presented in professionally designed worksheets or linked to other Office applications such as Word or Powerpoint.

All analysis is possible with Excel – Contact us today if you would like to explore how we can help you analyse your data.