Thinking of buying a CRM?

One of the hardest decisions an organisation ever has to make when it comes to business software is what software should it use for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

There is probably no type of software that more money is wasted on then CRM applications. Many businesses end up with solutions that don’t really do what they want, that have far more functionality than they need or cause them so much disappointment that they eventually discard them altogether.

Many of the applications we develop fulfill CRM requirements or have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aspect to them.

We have a wide ranging expertise in all types of CRM software and what works for different types and sizes of business. We have a thorough understanding of the process that all businesses should go through in order to decide which CRM is for them.

Our approach is very simple, but is rare in the Industry.

Only choose a CRM when you know how you will use it

A business cannot hope to decide which CRM it needs until it decides what it wants to use it for. So we help to develop a detailed scope and once this is understood then the next part of the process is for us to help you look at existing ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems to decide if there is one that fits the requirements.

If the answer to this is ‘yes’ then that is the best solution and our involvement ends. However if the answer is ‘no’ then the next step is to look explore how we could build a CRM from scratch. This may be in Excel, in Access or a combination of the two with maybe some parts in Outlook.

Cost-effective tailored solutions

In the long run, this approach always ends up being much more cost effective and efficient then the off the shelf solution. It fits your requirements, and does what your business needs.

So if you are thinking of getting a CRM for your business talk to us first – it could save you a fortune in development costs and time, as well as ensuring the end result is exactly what’s needed.

Why risk the future of your business with an expensive CRM that doesn’t do what you want? Talk to us and we will ensure you get the right system.

Get in touch today – we would be happy to discuss your CRM requirements.