Redwing Excel provide cutting-edge business solutions that utilise the hidden power of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

We can help you with…..

  • Formulas, Functions, Charts, Pivot Tables
  • Spreadsheet Enhancements and Development
  • Spreadsheet Models and Applications
  • Data Analysis & Integration
  • Excel VBA
  • Spreadsheet MOTs
  • Process Automation

Existing spreadsheet users

We also offer a road-testing service to make sure your spreadsheets are working as well as they should – making them work better can save you time and money..

Alternatively we can simply give them a road test to make sure that they are doing what they should do.

Businesses with data that requires attention

If you have information within your business that needs attention we can automate manual processes, link data together from different sources, create applications to manage entire business processes and manipulate data in almost any way you can imagine – saving you time and money.

Who are we?

Redwing is made up of Ken Abbott and Myles Wellings and we specialise in Microsoft Excel and associated technologies such as Microsoft Access, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Outlook.  From formula fixes to complex spreadsheet models we provide lean, efficient and very cost effective solutions whatever the requirement.

Why should you use us?

We know an awful lot about spreadsheets but even more important we know how to apply that knowledge to meet business requirements.  And we love talking to customers so contact us today and we’ll  explore how we can make spreadsheets really work for your business.